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Pre-Order for October


Hi all, we're putting a pre-order in on the 1st October for the below items.

Embroidered Black ITF Dobok - £35

HF Martial Arts Embroidered Body Warmer - £30

Team Bradford Embroidered Body Warmer* - £30

The black suits were always popular and will serve as the second uniform option for Taekwon-do classes. The Body warmers are great, fit over the suit brilliantly and are ideal for the autumn/winter training months and for general use. There are two types; the regular club one and the Team Bradford one, which is available to the tournament team who match the criteria (speak to me at class for full information).

As they are Embroidered and custom made for us, they take a few weeks to come in so if you're looking for one as a Christmas gift then this would be the time to order.

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