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Suits & Body Warmers are Here!

The Body Warmers and Suits have arrived!

Thanks all those who ordered for being so patient, they are absolutely fantastic 🤩.

We'll be at the Thornton Academy on Thursday, 6-7pm for pick-ups, and at the St Cuthbert Church Wrose on Friday 10-11am for pick-ups. If you have already ordered and are unable to make the time slots please send us a message directly.

Anybody wanting any last minute Christmas items, in our stock we have:-

Black Suits

1 x 120cm

2 x 130cm

3 x 140cm

2 x 160cm

3 x 170cm

2 x 180cm

3 x 190cm

Body Warmers - ITF Tree on Back

3 x XS

3 x S

3 x M

4 x L

First come first served!


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