Our black training suit bears the TSX logo on the right lapel, and the logo of the ITF Union on the left lapel. The official ITF "tree" is on the back, with the letters "TSX" at the bottom. 


Black belt doboks come with a white trim on the bottom of the suit. If you are a 4th degree black belt, please let us know so that we can add the stripe to your leg, and if you are a 4th degree black belt with an IIC qualification, we will also add the stripe to your sleeve. 

Student Black Belt Dobok (Black)

Color: Black
  • As our black suits are required to be ordered in specifically as they are a custom suit, we cannot specify a collection or delivery date. If you contact us then we can give you an idea on when they are due for arrival, or we can advise you whether or not they are currently in stock. 


Click the button to go to our contact screen. 

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