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White Belt Syllabus

10th Kup

Yellow Tag Syllabus
9th kup

White Belt & Yellow Tag


Pattern:- Chon Ji Tul (19 movements). 


Chon Ji literally means the 'heaven and the earth'. In theorient it in interpreted as the creation of the world and beginning of human history, therefore it is the initial pattern performed by the beginner. 


Belt:- Yellow


Yellow belt signifies the earth from which the plant sprouts and takes root as the foundations of Tae Kwon-do are laid. 


Origins of Chon-Ji


It is said, in Korean legend, that the country of Korea was founded at the point of the highest mountain on the border of North Korea and China, Mount Peaktu (9000ft above sea level). It is an extinct volcano which has filled with water to create what is possibly the deepest volcanic lake on earth, Lake Chon (Heavenly Lake). 


The lake waters are clear and calm, and it reflects the blue sky by day and the black sky at night, which looks like the heavens meet the earth, giving the pattern interpretation its meaning. 


Theory and Terminology


Pattern                                                           Tul

Forearm guarding block                             Palmok daebi makgi

Forearm rising block                                   Palmok chookyo makgi

Double punch                                               Doo jirugi

Front kick                                                      Ap chagi

Knife hand strike                                          Sonkal taerigi

Ball of foot                                                     Ap kumchi

Fore fist                                                          Ap joomuk

Backfist front downward strike                  Dung jungmuk ap naeryo taerigi

Outer forearm inward block                       Bakat palmok anaero makgi

Front snap kick                                             Ap cha busigi




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