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Yellow Belt Syllabus

8th Kup

Yellow Belt


Pattern:- Dan Gun Tul (21 movements). 


Dan Gun is named after the holy Dan Gun the legendary founder of Korea in 2333BC.


Belt:- Yellow


Yellow belt signifies the earth from which the plant sprouts and takes root as the foundations of Tae Kwon-do are laid. 


Origins of Dan Gun


When heaven and earth were one, and animals could speak like humans, the god Hwanin sent his son Hwang-Ung to the East to build a new country. He settled in what is now North Korea in approximately 2333BC. 


One day a tiger and a bear asked Hwang-Un if they could become human. After much thought, Hwang-Un told the animals it was possible, but it would require patience and it would be difficult. They both agreed, and Hwang-Un gave the tiger and bear two garlic cloves and some mugworts. They were told to eat these, stay in a cave and pray for 100 days. 


After twenty days, the tiger became hungry and gave up, but the bear persevered, and after 100 days, the bear shed its fur and transformed into a beautiful woman. She became known as Ung-Yo, meaning "the girl incarnated from a bear". 


Hwang-Un then married Ung-Yo, and gave birth to a son named Dan Gun, who created the first Korean Dynasty and ruled for 1,000 years, until fleeing a Chinese army and resuming his spirit form, disappearing from earth. 


Theory and Terminology


Knife hand Guarding block                           Sonkal Daebi Makgi

Twin outer forearm block                             Sang Bakat Palmok Makgi

Front kick                                                        Ap Chagi

Front snap kick                                               Ap Cha Busigi

Turning kick                                                    Dollyo Chagi

Outer forearm block                                       Bakat palmok makgi

Knife hand outward block                             Sonkal bakaero makgi

High section punch                                         Nopunde Jirugi

High section knife hand inward strike        Nopunde sonkal anaero taerigi

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