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Fun - Fitness - Self Defence


- Improve Physical Fitness

-Relieve Stress

-Increased Mental Well-being

-Builds Self-Esteem

-Self-defence and Skill Acquisition

Hi, my name is David Hughes, the founder of HF Martial Arts

I run the Thornton and Wrose venues, and head the ITF Taekwon-do programmes at our venues. Martial Arts have been a lifelong passion of mine, starting from aged 12 when my Dad dragged me to my first lesson, even though I was adamant I wasn't going to go!

From the moment I stepped through the doors of my first lesson, it's changed my life forever and I've carried that passion through to our schools.  Having trained as both an adult and a junior, and having a continued competitive career which started aged 12 years, I know the benefits for all ages that martial arts can provide, which is why I decided to open up our first ever school back in 2014. 

Whether you're looking for a bit of fitness, to socialise, build confidence or push yourself to further your limits and see what you can achieve, there's so many benefits to starting martial arts but the toughest thing is definitely making that first choice to give it a go and walk through the doors for your very first lesson. 

That's why we offer a 2 week free trial period so you can give it a go, see how you or your child do, and then can make a no-pressure decision from there. Give it a go, it may just change your life!


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What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a martial art that is brilliant for fitness, technique and stress release. It is also an effective form of combat and compliments our ITF Taekwon-do programme well, with the emphasis on developing the upper body techniques and use of hand attacks. 

Our Taekwon-do programme is headed by Mr. Goldthorpe, an experienced and certified instructor with a background of over 20 years in Kickboxing, Taekwon-do and Freestyle Martial Arts, and a previous competitive career including 'fight night' style ring bouts. 

We run Kickboxing classes from our Thornton venue, and have been since 2020. 

Our Kickboxing programme is overseen by the "CMAA", one of the UK's leading Kickboxing and martial arts governing bodies, ensuring all standards of practices are met and all grades earned are recognised and ratified.  

We offer junior kickboxing classes from age 7, with adults and ladies only starting from ages 13 and over. For further information, click the relevant link below or click 'book now' to redeem your exclusive free trial offer!

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Fill in the contact details below, and receive 2 weeks free! When you sign as a full-time member, you will also receive 33% off your uniform when you join. 

We also regularly hold beginner and introductory courses and offers for our ladies only classes. Click the link below to check for any courses and promotional offers for the ladies only classes. 

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