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Squad Team Sponsorship

We are active on the national tournament scene, and achieve success everywhere we go. Sponsoring our squad helps provide our students with the opportunity to compete, and associates you with their success! Sponsoring our squad, "Team Bradford", allows us to carry your brand around the country with us to really promote your business. 



As part of our sponsor package, your brand will be displayed on our "Team Bradford" competition flag. You will receive exposure through our social media, and receive regular updates during tournaments we attend and the squad trainings both through our media and via newsletter. Your logo will be put onto our Team Bradford squad t-shirts and on our website, with a blurb about what you do and a link through to your own website. 

Please use the contact form below or call David on 07807 990568, and we will tailor our package to suit your individual business needs. 

Sponsorship Squad.png
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