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Green Belt Syllabus

6th Kup

Green Belt


Pattern:- Won Hyo Tul (28 movements). 


Won Hyo is the noted monk who introduced Buddhism to the Silla Dynasty in 686AD.


Belt:- Green


Green belt signifies the plants growth as Tae Kwon Do skills begin to develop.


Origins of Won Hyo


Won Hyo used to be a soldier in the army until he grew tired of killing and watching his friends die about him, and left. It is debated where the location that he went next was, but it is agreed that he became a Buddhist monk in a temple, and secluded himself there for many years, studying under a master.



When his master died, he and his friend decided to find a new master and knew of one in China, so began their journey to find their new teacher. To get there, they had to cross the desert, and this is where the story becomes interesting. Camping out in the desert one night, Won Hyo awoke feeling unbearably thirsty, but could not see in the pitch black of the night. Scrambling around, he found a cup on the floor, and drank from it gratefully. Drinking the water, it felt like the most beautiful and refreshing water he had ever tasted, and thanked Buddha for his generosity in providing it.


When he woke the next morning, he looked at what he thought had been a cup, and beheld a human skull, rotting flesh still hanging off the cheekbones and strange insects floating atop the muddy rainwater that had filled it. Upon seeing it, he vomited, and in that moment he had a sudden realisation. When he was blind and couldn’t see, it was the greatest water that he had ever tasted, but when he could see what he had drank he realised that it was foul and disgusting.



This brought him to the realisation that the same applied to life. If he followed the teachings or orders of someone blindly, then he could be committing unspeakable crimes or foul acts though he would think he was doing the right thing. If he opened his eyes, used his conscience and thought for himself, he could see with his own eyes and make his own decision on whether it was the right course of action. If he could see the metaphorical skull and its foulness, he would have known not to drink from it.


Won Hyo went back to Korea without his friend, deciding he didn’t need another master, and spread his teachings throughout the country. He taught a different form of Buddhism that focused mainly on meditation and prayer instead of being able to read Chinese calligraphy, making it accessible to all social classes, not just the upper class hierarchy. Buddhism became hugely popular among the working classes, and Won Hyo helped unify the Silla Kingdom, and his teaching helped in unifying the kingdoms of Korea. Won Hyo travelled the country spreading his teachings until his death in 686AD. 


Theory and Terminology


Ready stance A                                               Moa junbi sogi A

Fixed stance                                                    Gojong sogi

Bending ready Stance                                    Goburyu sogi

Inwards knife hand strike                            Anaero sonkal taerigi

Circular block                                                 Dollimyo makgi

3-step semi free basic                                    Ban jayoo matsoki

Hooking block                                                Golcho makgi

Twin forearm block                                       Sang palmok makgi

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