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Individual Sponsorship

We really invest in those who wish to go the extra mile in Taekwon-do. For those students who want to compete, for those who wish to become the next Olympian, or to those who wish to become an instructor and help spread Taekwon-do. We invest our time into them because they go above and beyond for Taekwon-do, and if your company invested in them too, they could achieve even more!


Fighter sponsorship

Your chosen fighter will have branded clothing that will be worn when they arrive to class and at competitions. Your logo will be put onto our website next to the fighter's profile, with a link through to your own website. You will also receive updates with your branding from our social media during competitions, and a personalised thank-you letter and signed shirt. 

Please use the contact form below or call David on 07807 990568, and we will tailor our package to suit your individual business needs. 

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