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Are you looking for a different way to get your business or brand noticed? With different packages tailored to suit your needs, sponsoring us can help your business reach out and create strong links with the local community and reach thousands of people. 

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Why TSX Bradford?

TSX Martial Arts is one of the largest martial arts organisations in West Yorkshire, and growing! Our clubs have excellent exposure both locally and nationally. Our reputation and excellent community links mean that our brand is well-known, and with a student base from a variety of backgrounds, sponsoring us will get your brand circulated fast. 


Not only can your brand be seen locally, but also nationally as our dedicated TSX Fight Squad compete across the UK. 

We believe that Martial Arts has the ability to touch and change the lives of thousands of people, and sponsoring us will help us achieve this aim. Whether it helps us get our message out to more people, provides vital equipment to assist our students in achieving their full potential, or provides a talented student with the means to aim higher to the elite pathways and become a national star, sponsoring us benefits our students in immeasurable ways, and gives back to our communities and helps us change the lives of those who step through our doors. 

Sponsorship Packages

Click on the links below to see more information about our sponsorship deals that may suit you. 

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